Homeschool socialisation

Ideas for homeschool socialisation

Homeschool socialisation is a concern common amongst prospective homeschool families, but in our experience it tends not to be shared by those who’ve been home educating for some time. Many parents worry that home education will isolate their child. It’s a question we often hear voiced “But how will it affect my son/daughter’s social life?”

At Wolsey Hall we have our own College Community with clubs to showcase your activities and develop your skills. We also hold regular student competitions. For parents we have three closed Facebook groups where you can join and chat to other Wolsey Hall parents. We also recommend local homeschooling groups or centres which may help you.

What is homeschooling like? Homeschooling can be very social

One family describe how they found the social aspects of homeschooling.

Stefania talks about homeschool socialisation

homeschool socialisation and mixing with lots of different people

Mixing with all age groups

Many of our families have said there are plenty of ways you can help your child maintain an active and healthy social life and you may discover hidden benefits.

The Newbury family have lived on a remote farm in Belize since 1999. Their children have always been home educated. As mother Yvette points out, there are plenty of ways for her sons to cultivate social relationships. Although they are quite geographically isolated, they interact with others online and regularly visit with friends at the local library.

Vinita, who is based in Mumbai and whose daughter has been home educated for 9 years, points out that children can often feel isolated even in school. But the issue isn’t just about making sure children interact with other children but with people of all ages. Homeschooling gives children confidence to mix with a variety of groups.

Facilitate opportunities

Parents can take an active role in creating opportunities for homeschool socialisation. Some Wolsey Hall parents suggest the following:

  • Playing with other children in your area.
  • Youth clubs/activity groups.
  • Interacting and planning activities with other home educated children. Check if your area already has a homeschooling group.
  • Visiting family and friends.
  • Using the internet to connect with others who live further afield – pen-pals for the modern world.
  • Participating in community volunteering projects.
  • Enrolling on short educational courses during holidays.
Homeschool socialisation of teenagers

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