Virtual Learning Environment

As a Wolsey Hall student you’ll get to your courses online quickly, using our Canvas system. It’s easy and reliable to use and students at many other top schools around the world use it too.

You can see samples for all subjects on the course pages of this website. Just go to a course level on the menu bar (IGCSE for example) and click on any subject.

Canvas is at the heart of everything we do – as a student you’ll find all of your course material there; it will enable you to submit your assignments and Tutors to provide fast feedback; and it’s the way you keep in touch with your Tutors.

Tracking Progress - One Family Explains

How Do Students Use Canvas?

The easy to use interface allows students to quickly access their courses.

Course modules, quizzes and assignments are all simple to find. Students can submit assignments and message their tutor via the Canvas Messaging system with any questions.

Tutors use Canvas to grade and send feedback on student assignments, as well as to respond to messages. Canvas helps students to be organised and lists the work they need to do next.

Parents also have their own Canvas login as observers to follow their child’s progress.

Canvas Resources and Announcements

The resources are an integral part of the Wolsey Hall courses.

A Canvas announcement is sent out when new resources are uploaded. Canvas announcements inform students of important information regarding their courses, new courses launched or details of a community event such as a Wolsey Hall competition.

Both student and parent are notified when tutors leave feedback on assignments.

Canvas Technical Support and Development

If students experience any issues using Canvas they can contact Canvas Support for a quick response (typically within one business day).

Canvas support is easy to access through the Help button within the Canvas interface. Our Canvas coordinator, Martha Zumack, is committed to constantly improving the student experience on Canvas by introducing new innovations whilst also providing technical support if required.

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