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Entering your child for their exams

At IGCSE level all of our courses lead to the Cambridge (CIE) exams.

IGCSE Exam Information

At A Level most courses lead to the Cambridge exams except for the three Sciences (Edexcel) .

A Level Exam Information

If your child is to take IGCSE or A Level exams, you will need to apply directly to an exam centre for them to sit as an external (or private) candidate. We cannot do so on your behalf –  but we can help you through the process. See below.

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How we can help

Before your child is enrolled, our Admissions team will send you lists of  exam centres in your country which have been verified by our Exams Officers.

We strongly advise contacting a centre early on.  Your child’s Student Progress Manager (SPM) will be pleased to advise.

For further information see Guidance for External Candidates

If you or your child are taking a UK A level in Biology, Chemistry or Physics then a separate Practical Endorsement will be required. For more information see A Level Science Practicals Information (UK only).


Finding an exam centre

In the UK the Cambridge (CIE) and Edexcel exam boards have centres throughout the country.

Outside the UK, the British Council is often the exam centre of choice. But in many countries there are schools which also offer exam facilities to private or non-school candidates.

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Reports and certification

There are no end of course exams for our Primary (Key Stage 2) or Secondary (Key Stage 3) courses. But for Secondary Courses we provide an internal end of course assessment and report in English, Maths and Science. This will show whether your child is ready to move on to studying at IGCSE Level.

If your child is sitting for IGCSE or A Level exams they will receive their results from the exam centre where they sat the exam. Later they will receive the formal results certificate directly from the examination centre also.

UK Examination Vouchers

Read more about Greene's Exams

D. Taylor, Homeschooling Parent, UK

Just to let you know, the exam centre was excellent. The team were professional and organised but also created a very friendly and supportive environment. I just remember that this time last year we were anxious about finding a good exam centre! Many thanks once again to the Wolsey Hall Team!

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