Exam guidelines for private candidates

Guidelines for sitting exams as an external candidate

Exam centres have the option of whether or not to accept you or your child as a private candidate for their exams. They are not required to do so. But if you follow the guidelines below, you will make it easier for them to accept your entry.

• Contact your chosen exam centre before enrolling a Wolsey Hall course to check that they will accept you or your child for your proposed sitting (either May/June or October/November). Note that many centres, particularly in the Northern hemisphere, do not offer a October/November sitting.

• Apply for exam registration as early as possible.

• On receipt of your entry, your centre will issue you with a ‘Statement of Entry’. Check carefully that the information there is correct. Contact the centre at once if it is not.

• If you require access arrangements, make sure your chosen centre is aware of this. Most will do their best to accept you if they have the facilities. They will advise you of the evidence they will need to submit your application to the exam board, and how you can obtain it.

• Be punctual for the exam. If you’re late, you may not be allowed to sit the exam. If you have a problem in getting to the centre on time, telephone the Exams Officer at once.

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Important information for the exam room

Exam guidelines
  • You should write in black ink or biro;
  • Your equipment should be in a clear pencil case or plastic bag;
  • Calculator cases must be removed, unless attached. If a calculator is not allowed, you will be asked to put it away;
  • You may use highlighters on the question paper;
  • You may use a ruler, protractor and compass;
  • You may bring water in a clear plastic bottle with the label removed;
  • You may not bring food into the exam room, unless for a medical condition and agreed beforehand with the centre Exams Office;
  • You may not bring a mobile phone into the exam room;
  • Your legal name must be used when writing your name on the answer paper, and not a nickname or an adopted name which has not been changed by deed poll.
  • No watches are allowed in the exam room.
  • Do not use any kind of correcting fluid or tape.
  • Do not worry if you forget any of the above items. Exam invigilators have a supply of spare equipment in the exam room;
  • If you are unwell during an exam and you feel your performance has been affected, inform the Exams Officer before leaving the exam room. You will need to get a medical note which must be given to the Exams Officer as soon as possible;
  • Ask the Exams Officer how your exam results will be issued to you. They will advise you if the results will be sent by post or email or whether you must attend in person;
  • If you have any queries on your results, contact the centre immediately and they will advise you how to proceed.