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Applying to a Cambridge exam centre:

You will need to apply to an exam centre to take the IGCSE exams. We provide you here with the key information you’ll need, and we can support you in your search for an exam centre. However it is your responsibility to find, and apply to an exam centre. We cannot do this for you.

We strongly advise you to contact a centre before enrolment with Wolsey Hall. This applies especially to ICT and Computer Science and Modern Foreign Languages.  Our lists of UK and International exam centres show which centres can accommodate these subjects.

IGCSE ICT – The ICT exams include two practical components that not all exam centres can support.

IGCSE Computer Science – The exam centre must provide you with pre-release material which will form part of the final assessment. We suggest asking the exam centre when you will receive this when you register for the exam.

IGCSE French/Spanish/German & English as a 2nd Language – these subjects include an oral component. You should ensure that the centre you have chosen has the facility to assess the oral component.

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Finding a Cambridge Exam Centre

We can provide you with lists of Cambridge exam centres which we have researched. These centres have told us that they accept external or private candidates. If you have not already received a list of centres for your country, please ask your Student Progress Manager for this. You may also find a local exam centre at Cambridge International Exam board. In countries outside the UK where there is a British Council, this will often be the exam centre of choice.

We endeavour to keep our information as up to date as possible. But we cannot guarantee that all exam centres listed will be able to accommodate candidates for each subject/exam sitting.


Before you book your/your child’s exams and to help you make your entry, your Student Progress Manager will send you the exam timetable with exam codes and dates for all subjects.

There is a deadline for booking exam entry, and although some exam centres will accept late entries, the fees will be higher as a result. The exam centres will advise you of the fees for the exams, and these do vary between centres.

For more information, see Exam Guidelines for External Candidates.

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Examination Entry Deadlines

Deadline for entry for the May/June sitting – 31st January

We strongly advise you to make contact with a centre in the previous September as centres often have limited spaces for external candidates.

Deadline for entry for the October/November sitting – 31st July

Do book exam entries before the end of June as schools close for the summer holidays. Many centres will only accept candidates for the May/June sitting.  In Oct/Nov you may need to travel further, to a Tutorial College (in the UK) or to an International School. Exam fees may also be higher.

Deadline for entry for the CIE March sitting (India only) – 1st November

Access Arrangements

If you have a special need and require access arrangements, you should contact your chosen exam centre at the earliest opportunity. Not all exam centres can accept candidates requiring access arrangements and some may charge additional fees for doing so.

Access arrangementsthat may be available include: extra time in the exam room; a separate room; a scribe; the use of a laptop; modified papers (coloured/enlarged paper); arrangements for candidates with other disabilities.

Centres can also advise you what evidence may be required to support an application for access arrangements.

Which Exam Sitting to Choose

Note that many centres will only accept candidates for the May/June sitting. So we strongly recommend this sitting unless it is simply not an option for you or your child.

If you need help in finding an exam centre please contact either Nicky Murray (UK Exams Officer) or Nuha Lami (International Exams Officer)

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