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Wolsey Hall Oxford are delighted to offer a range of learning support services. Some of them, for example those related to SEN and to Study Skills, are open only to students of Wolsey Hall. They complement the work of our dedicated Tutor team in helping your child succeed in their studies.

Other services, for example Mentoring, are also very much open to children not yet enrolled on a Wolsey Hall course.

Wolsey Hall learning support services will enable your child to achieve their full potential as a learner. They are available for a modest fee.

Our Learning Support Specialist has worked with a diverse range of students, many of whom needed support and specialist teaching due to: Dyslexia, ADHD, Developmental Delays, Mental Health Conditions and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

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Learning Support Services

  • Initial Consultation

    An initial consultation for you to discuss your child’s needs with our Learning Support specialist is offered free of charge. If you require a follow-up consultation, this will incur a fee. Find Out More
  • Special Educational Needs

    Our Learning Support Manager has worked with many students who have, or suspect they may have, a difficulty with learning. We can also help students with specific medical conditions or disabilities. Find Out More
  • Help with Study Skills

    Are you struggling to manage your studies? Do you need help in writing your assignments? Whether it relates to assignment work or revising for exams, this service is here to help you develop your skills. Find Out More
  • Mentoring and Coaching

    Sometimes anxieties in relation to studying can cause stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed - which is often a factor in poor motivation. Our mentoring service can help you resolve these issues and achieve your full potential. Find Out More

Michelle Mahoney, Learning Support Manager Talks About Her Role

Michelle Rudge - IGCSE Parent, UK

I must say enrolling Nicole at Wolsey Hall has been one of the best decisions we ever made. At school, Nicole's progress remained extremely limited due to lack of support with her learning difficulties. Since being at Wolsey, Nicole's English has come on leaps and bounds, from her spelling, to grammar, to organisation and formats of essays. The amount of time and support Nicole's tutors, Pat and Michelle have invested in Nicole has been fantastic. Nicole's academic knowledge and confidence has soared since being at Wolsey and I am extremely grateful to you all. (Nicole has segmatic pragmatic disorder high functioning autism, as well as suspected dyslexia).

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