Keeping Your Children Safe Online

The Internet has brought many benefits to society:  it enables people of all ages to work, study, learn and socialise. At Wolsey Hall we want our students to feel safe while enjoying the benefits of being online. Canvas, our online learning environment is a secure and private space. All activity takes place in your child’s own password-protected area and only Wolsey Hall staff have access to the material they submit.

All communication between Students and our Tutors is completely transparent and you will have access to your child’s account as an Observer – allowing you to monitor their activity. You can read more in our Safeguarding policy. 

Below we provide some additional tips on how to keep your child safe online.

Supporting Your Child

How to Keep Your Children Safe Online

  • Talk about the Internet with your child. Discuss your concerns and listen to their worries.
  • Use filtering software but don’t rely on it. Explain to your child why it is in place.
  • Agree rules together. Everyone in your household has a part to play.
  • Make sure your child knows what to do. Online risks can occur at any time. Make sure you all know what to do if things go wrong online.

Useful Links

UK Safer Internet Centre has information, advice and resources on all online matters www.saferinternet.org.uk.

Parentport helps you report unsuitable online content including advertisements and games www.parentport.org.uk. 

CEOP is where adults and children can report actual or attempted abuse online.

Further Questions

If you have any particular concerns about safety online, just submit your question via our Contact form.

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