Deputy Manager of Secondary Support

Emma gained her Degree in Archaeology and Prehistory (Hons) from the University of Sheffield. She went on to enjoy a career first as a field archaeologist and then moved into archaeology and education. This is when she discovered her love of teaching and has never looked back. Emma really enjoyed engaging all members of the community in archaeology from children through to adults. Emma also worked as a tutor and taught Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning to students aged 5-18 at a local college for many years.

Emma has a son at school and loves engaging with his studies. She has found that experiencing education again through the eyes of your child is very illuminating. The covid pandemic (where she experienced homeschooling her own son) has also provided Emma with a renewed respect for families who choose this route, and she is proud to support all families at Wolsey Hall in their homeschooling journey.

In her spare time, Emma enjoys making and teaching all types of craft and visits as many museums and archaeological sites as she can worldwide.