Mandy O’Sullivan

Deputy Manager of Primary and Lower Secondary Support

Mandy O’Sullivan is a mother of four children and holds a degree in English Literature and Language and a second degree in Psychology, She also holds a Master’s in Education. She is a governor at a primary school and a Child Welfare Officer for her children’s football team.

Mandy has always loved to travel and experience different cultures, one of her favourite places was Tanzania which led to her teaching English and Science in a rural school. Although an extremely impoverished area the children had a big impact on Mandy with their quest for knowledge both academically and culturally.

She also spent time in New Zealand which had a different cultural ethos to children’s education and Mandy would very much like to return at some point. In her spare time, she is usually found with her nose in a book, de-stressing with yoga or walking her very energetic Labrador. She enjoys spending time with her children, the theatre and dreaming about living in New Zealand.