Three Main Sources Of Support

Your child will have three main sources of support on a Wolsey Hall homeschooling course:

  1. Their Tutors who will make an initial welcome call, and provide full and helpful feedback on their assignments. Your child can contact their Tutors via the Canvas online system for help and support throughout. Note that Tutors do not give tutorials online.
  2. Their Student Progress Manager (SPM) who will be their and your key link with the College; always on hand to respond to your questions and give advice.  The SPM will closely monitor your child’s progress against their assignment schedule to ensure they stay on track with their studies.
  3. You, the parent, have a critical role to play in supporting your child. The extent of your support may depend on the age and maturity of your child. But if you are closely involved with your child’s progress, we know that your child’s learning experience and outcomes will be much more successful.
How One Family Support Their Children

Short Videos to Show How Some Families Support their Children with Homeschooling

Ways to support your child

  • Ensure that your child has a daily and weekly timetable for study. We send a timetable template as an exemplar for you to try.
  • Give your child encouragement when the going gets tough. There are certain to be challenging times, however good our course and however able your child.
  • Encourage your child to contact their Tutors or Student Progress Manager when needed.
  • Review your child’s progress with them relative to their study timetable and Assignment Schedule at agreed times, and as often as you find appropriate.
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