More Excellent Homeschooling Results

Wolsey Hall Oxford we love hearing about the exam successes of our students. Here we share the results of three of our students, one from the UK, one homeschooling in Saudi Arabia and one currently living in Egypt showing it really is possible to achieve incredible results with Wolsey Hall wherever in the world you live!

UK homeschooling Student

Sophie from Hampshire achieved fantastic IGSCE exam results: English Literature A*, Maths A*, History A*, French A, Chemistry A, English Language B, Biology B and Physics B. Her mother had this to say:

“I just wanted to thank you for all the support you have given to Sophie in preparing for her IGCSEs. The Wolsey Hall programme, although challenging, has worked very well for her, and in addition to the CIE GCSEs she also gained two Edexcel GCSEs  –  an A* in Maths and an A in French. She is now enjoying Sixth Form College, studying Maths, Economics and Psychology. We really appreciated your support in keeping us on track. Many thanks once again to the Wolsey Hall Team!”

Homeschooling student currently living in Egypt

Wolsey Hall student Niamh from the UK is currently living in Egypt, and just received excellent IGCSE grades: Maths A* and Co-ordinated Science A*!

Her father says, “I think being able to combine the flexibility of Wolsey Hall with the flexibility of homeschooling, enabling her to spread out her exams, has been a real benefit for Niamh. Especially given that she has been doing this alongside getting used to living in a new country (Egypt)!”

homeschooling in Saudi

Student homeschooling in Saudi Arabia

Reem is from Egypt, but currently lives with her family in Saudi Arabia. She hopes to become a dentist one day! This summer she achieved these amazing grades:

IGCSE Chemistry A*, English as a Second Language A*, Maths A*, Business Studies A*, French A*, AS level Biology A.



Congratulations to all our excellent students, and keep up the good work!


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