Parent’s role in homeschooling

Parental support your child will need

While on a Wolsey Hall course, your child will receive academic support from their Tutors and pastoral support from their Student Progress Manager. But the support you provide to your child while studying at home is also critical to their success. The depth and strength of that support will depend on the age of your child and their ability as a learner. But you are asked to do at least the following:

  • Discuss with your child the enrolment information that you and they receive;
  • Be present throughout the initial calls with your child’s Tutors;
  • Agree with your child a daily and weekly timetable to which they can work;
  • See that they follow that timetable;
  • Spend time discussing your child’s progress with them every day or week;
  • Go carefully through with your child the feedback they get on each assignment;
  • Seek help from your child’s Tutors or Student Progress Manager when needed.

If you will be unable, for whatever reason, to provide the above, we would not recommend enrolling your child.

Student progress manager

Our Student Progress Managers will oversee your child’s progress ensuring they keep on track with their courses. They will also be able to answer any questions you might have and help resolve any difficulties you encounter.

Parent’s role in homeschooling

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