Homeschooling tennis player

Evangelista’s story

Fifteen-year-old Evangelista has been a homeschooling tennis player with Wolsey Hall for five years. She currently lives in Russia but has found the flexibility of homeschooling very beneficial for travelling around.

Young elite tennis player

We support a large number of homeschooling elite athletes across a wide range of sports.

Evangelista is a homeschooling tennis player

Deciding factors to homeschool

“The main reason why I left mainstream school was because my family and I moved from one continent to another due to my parents’ job commitments. Soon after that we knew that we would have to relocate countries once more within a short period of time. Also, I am a tennis player so I compete in tournaments frequently. We considered homeschooling to allow freedom and flexibility for my parents’ work and my sporting pursuit.”

The learning process

“My Wolsey Hall experience has been nothing more than exceptional. All processes of acquiring information prior to enrolment, all technical aspects of getting onboard, establishing communication with my Tutors, ordering and receiving books and study materials, getting comfortable on the online platform – all has been uncomplicated, elegant and enjoyable.”

“The only challenge that my family and I had to overcome was our own ability to develop discipline. My Student Progress Manager has always been accommodating and supportive. My Tutors are always approachable and available to help me with my questions.”

Evangelista is a homeschooling tennis player

Homeschool considerations

“When choosing to homeschool, I believe there has to be a clear reason why you want to. Homeschooling is a wonderful solution for children who seek freedom, a privilege to manage their own time, to enjoy independence and have determination. It is a serious choice but it is very rewarding at the same time. Homeschooling allows you to experience self-reliance, personal satisfaction and growth.”

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