Gymnast – Amelie Morgan

Amelie’s story

Gymnast Amelie Morgan studied for her IGCSE’s with Wolsey Hall Oxford as a homeschooling gymnast. Since then we have been watching her career and were delighted to see her impressive performance in the 2021 European Gymnastics Championships where she achieved a bronze medal in uneven bars with a very inspiring routine. Amelie and her GB Gymnastics team then went on to achieve a very impressive bronze medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Amelie talked to us about her life as a homeschooling gymnast back in 2019.

15-year-old gymnast Amelie Morgan has recently been selected for the British squad for the Artistic Gymnastics European Championships 2019.

Amelie is an experienced competitive gymnast. Last year she was in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the Youth Olympics where she came second all-round and gained silver and bronze medals. In 2019, Amelie transitioned to the senior ranks where she is now competing against Olympic stars such as Ellie Downie and Claudia Fragapane. At the English Championships Amelie won the all-round title and at the recent British Championships she medalled again with bronzes.

By homeschooling with Wolsey Hall, Amelie is able to juggle her 35 hours per week training and her IGCSE studies.

Homeschooling Gymnast

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports a large number of homeschooling elite athletes from a variety of sports.

homeschooling gymnast Amelie Morgan

“I am currently in year 11 so preparing for my IGCSE‘s. Because of the heavy demands of my sport I am only taking 6 subjects: EnglishMathsScienceGeography and  Spanish. I enjoy all of these subjects but Maths is my favourite, I have very limited time to study so this is a subject I feel I can get to grips with quite quickly.”

“I do have Tutors for all the subjects as I don’t find learning just from text books is enough. But I love the flexibility of having all the syllabus at hand so I can study at my own pace. I am often away for weeks at a time either training or abroad in competition. I take my books and laptop and can fit in my study hours as my training schedule allows.”

“The course work is carefully spread out over the two year programme with assignments set after each topic. So far my grades have been really good and I am feeling hopeful for my IGCSE’s this May.”

“I am actually very lucky as my best friend and training buddy Phoebe also homeschools with Wolsey Hall. We generally train during the day and then when we have a break at lunch we study together, as we are both doing the same subjects.”

Amelie and Phoebe - both Olympic hopeful gymnasts
Gymnast Amelie Morgan

“I have been doing Womens’ Artistic Gymnastics since the age of 5, and at 8 years old I earned a place on the National Squad. My training a week is upwards of 35 hours and homeschooling allows me the flexibility to train. Last year was probably the best year for me as I was selected for Junior Europeans where I came away with five medals!”

“I have been offered a full-ride athlete scholarship to Berkeley University in California. As an academic university they have specific grade requirements. So although I only need 5 IGCSEs, I do need to achieve high grades and will also need to take 3 academic A levels following this. I am looking forward to starting my A levels with Wolsey Hall as this way of working really helps me in my sport.”

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