Homeschooling in Bahrain

Meet Pok Rui


Eighteen-year-old Pok Rui is homeschooling in Bahrain and began studying for his A levels with Wolsey Hall Oxford in 2021. Here he discusses the transition to home learning and how he achieved 4 A’s in his AS levels, setting him on track for some fantastic A level results.

Academic Excellence in homeschooling courses

At Wolsey Hall Oxford we pride ourselves on the academic excellence of our homeschooling courses.


Switching to homeschooling in Bahrain

“It was a transition that was certainly not easy. I found myself almost always late for my assignments. The workload felt much greater than in school (although the jump from GCSE to A Levels must be accounted for too). However, after getting into the ‘flow’ of it, I’ve learnt to take my own initiative in learning. For example, I learn that I didn’t need to machine-like do all of the activities provided by the resources in its entirety when I felt they were unnecessary as long as I learn the topic. Personally, I find making notes to sometimes be ineffective for my learning as I put more attention to my notes than my understanding of the subject. It uses up a lot of time which causes further pressure to rush. At the end of the day, it’s what you truly learn and the ability to tackle those exams that matter more. I also found that reading the textbook really helps me to consolidate and understand — especially during revision (where I sometimes felt like I learnt new things which I don’t remember working through much before).”

Pok Rui homeschooling in Bahrain
IGCSE Maths student

“I didn’t like science much before joining Wolsey Hall. However, learning at home has helped change my viewpoint of the subjects — beyond those impressions made by a certain teacher. If the teachers in school make you loathe the subject you are studying, this won’t happen in homeschooling (unless you really don’t like the subject). I was free to explore the subjects as they are — in the wider world and its effects on society. It was much more rewarding.”

“I am currently in Year 13 and I have received all grade As for my AS subjects:

  • Maths with Mechanics (I love mechanics)
  • History (I really enjoyed learning US History for the first time – it broadened my knowledge of politics, culture and history itself).
  • Physics (very cool and interesting)
  • Chemistry (lots of content to learn but also nice)

I am now doing A level Maths with Statistics, Physics, History and Chemistry.”

Future plans

“I am looking forward to perhaps studying Aerospace Engineering in 2023. May the Lord guide. I have no fixed path. Maybe entrepreneurship in making UAVs or to join a company working as an Aerospace Engineer (or related). I may continue further study into scientific/engineering research to discover something new or even something completely different to Engineering.”

“My advice to other homeschoolers is not to take learning as homework. Enjoy learning!”