Homeschooling in Botswana

Mmakgosi is an elite athlete homeschooling in Botswana. She recently won the award for Botswana Sports Woman of the Year with a Disability. She was the youngest nominee in the awards. Mmakgosi has been studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford since 2022 and is now in Year 6 studying Upper Primary courses.

Mmakgosi also has hearing loss and wears hearing aids. Homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford has enabled her to study successfully at her own pace, without the disadvantages of not being able to understand the teacher in a busy and loud classroom environment.

Homeschooling swimmer

With Wolsey Hall Oxford elite athletes receive a high quality education while training and competing.

Homeschooling in Botswana

Mmakgosi explains, “I love homeschooling because my teacher aid and my Wolsey Hall tutors make private learning fun. Its easier because I understand things better because I hear more.”

However, like a lot of students new to homeschooling, Mmakgosi found that she missed seeing school friends every day. To compensate, Mmakgos says, “I focused more on going to swimming training so that I see my friends there and I love swimming anyway. My mom also planned play dates.”

A typical school day begins at 8am. “My teacher aid comes to our house and we have a study room that my parents turned into a classroom. I have my morning snack break at 10am then I continue with my class until 12.30pm. Sometimes I have afternoon work but sometimes I just read a book from the online library or just play. I love Maths because it is so easy for me to understand numbers than words.”

homeschooling in Botswana

Sporting achievements

Mmakgosi has been swimming professionally since 2021, when she was nine years old. “I am the only swimmer in Botswana who swims professionally and is deaf. Mr Gondo from Stingrays Swimming Club, treats me like all the other kids and my friends are nice to me. Homeschooling has helped me in my swimming because, when I travel for competitions, my mom goes with me and teaches me on free days. I never miss school! If I am busy, my classes can be moved to other days.”

“My last swimming was for the Botswana Nationals swimming competitions and I beat my personal best by 7 seconds in the 50m freestyle finals. I took 3rd position although my take off was delayed because I didn’t hear the take-off sound but still that felt great because I was swimming with children who don’t have impaired hearing and I beat some of them. I am so proud of myself.”

Mmakgosi’s advice to others

Mmakgosi has some very wise words for other children, whether they are homeschooling in Botswana or elsewhere: “Always give your best in your favourite sport and school equally. Homeschooling is a school and it has to be taken seriously. Also, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something just because you have a disability. We are the same.”

Wolsey Hall Oxford has a range of learning support services available to students with various additional needs.

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