Homeschooling in Turkey

Abdalla’s Story

Wolsey Hall Oxford student Abdalla, who is homeschooling in Turkey, studied 4 A levels with Wolsey Hall. In Summer 2022, he achieved fantastic results:

A* – Physics

A* – Chemistry

A* – Maths

A – Further Maths.

Here Abdalla explains how he found homeschooling his A levels.

Making the change

“The transition to homeschooling was quite demanding for the first few weeks, but I eventually formed a solid routine that worked very well for me. In fact, being homeschooled proved to be much more interesting and fun than going to an actual school!”

“The only obstacle I had was time management. On some days, I simply could not divide my day in such a way that I could get something positive out of it. However, as exams approached, reality hit me and I soon learned the importance of self-discipline. Thankfully, I thoroughly enjoyed my Maths courses and my mentor was always supportive and helpful with any questions I had. This made it easier for me to sit down and study for longer periods of time. Having an ossified routine was everything to me. The topics I studied were engaging enough for me to not grow bored. And, at the end of the day, I had a substantial amount of time to spend by myself and with my family.”

Homeschooling in Turkey

Moving forwards

“I am currently majoring in Maths at my dream university, Koç University in Istanbul, and I plan on pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Computer Engineering (or Philosophy, still working on my decision!). After this I hope to work in academia as a researcher in Mathematics and AI.”

“My advice to other A level homeschoolers would be to introspect and to recognise your intentions when doing what you are doing. Deluding oneself becomes very easy when one is studying without oversight. For example, I convinced myself that I did not need to practice Physics past papers in my first year of being homeschooled for a long time. Had I not questioned that belief, I would have botched my exams!”

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