Homeschooling skater

Jed’s story

Ever wondered what life as a homeschooling skater might be like? In this student story, Wolsey Hall student Jed explains in his own words.

15-year-old Jed is an elite figure skater training at an academy in France and travelling often to compete. Homeschooling fits around his hectic schedule as Jed is currently studying for his IGCSE’s with Wolsey Hall.

“I have always been homeschooled. I completed one term of school in reception year and then along with my brother who was in year 4 and my sister in year 3 we all started homeschooling. My sister returned to school in year 7 so she could attend a ballet academy while my brother did his GCSEs and A levels through homeschooling as he was also training many hours a week as a gymnast.

homeschooling skater

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports large numbers of homeschooling elite athletes across a wide variety of sports.

homeschooling Skater Jed performs a duet

See Jed in Action

Jed performing a duet

homeschooling skater Jed performs

See Jed in Action

Jed performs a solo routine

homeschooling skater Jed

My skating life

“I began skating when I was seven and played ice hockey but when I turned eight, I changed to figure skating and at age nine I began training as a competitive skater. I have been the GB boys champion at Basic Novice and Intermediate Novice levels in both figure skating and ice dance. I now only train as a figure skater and competed in my first Advanced Novice competition this year but lockdown has meant that all competitions and the British Championships have been cancelled in 2020.

“I train at the Amodio Figure Skating Academy in Vaujany, France. I have trained there for almost a year and while it is very hard work both on and off the ice I really enjoy it.

Studies vs skating

“My main challenge is being organised in my studies and finding the time to read the textbooks. I have Asperger’s and dyslexia and am a bit slow in reading and writing. I am about to try some software on my laptop that will read text for me.

I do find it hard sometimes to fit the study time in with my training as the hours required are spread throughout the day. I share accommodation with other skaters and have to cater for myself which also takes time in my day. When I visit home or my family come to visit me they help me catch up with any subjects that I have fallen behind in. That’s one aspect of how the flexibility of homeschooling works for me.

My favourite subjects are the Sciences. I love nature and so Biology and Zoology are subjects I’m interested in. I also enjoy Physics and Chemistry.”

homeschooling skater Jed

Looking to the future

“I hope to keep progressing in my sport and representing my country internationally. This means executing my triple jumps consistently as well as maintaining artistry in my programmes. Like most sports the older you get and the higher the level you compete at, the tougher it gets!”

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