Our travelling family

Meet the Binedells

Meet the Binedells, a Wolsey Hall family of five, who spent 18 months journeying across Europe in a caravan. Their adventure consisted of travelling to various countries including Portugal, Spain and France where they helped out in a variety of different volunteering projects.

The three children Sebastian, Aiden and Ella were homeschooling along the way with Wolsey Hall Oxford courses. They were supported in their studies by mum, Karen and dad, Warren.

Wolsey Hall followed their journey and the family sent regular videos, a travelling homeschooling diary on our social media platforms and blog posts of their adventures.

You can read more about their travels in The Times.

homeschooling whilst travelling

Wolsey Hall Oxford has many families who homeschool while travelling.

Some of the videos they made

Why we chose homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford

Why we chose Wolsey Hall Oxford

how homeschooling works - role of secondary parent

Role of a homeschooling parent

How Homeschooling works

How homeschooling works

What homeschooling is really like

What homeschooling is really like

meet the homeschoolers

Meet the homeschoolers

He was studying IGCSE courses while travelling. He took his exams on the family’s return at an exam centre in the UK and secured very pleasing results which will enable him to progress to the next stage of his education.

He started with Year 9 Secondary courses and progressed onto IGCSEs while travelling.

She started with Year 7 Secondary courses and moved onto Year 8 courses as their travels progressed.