Primary homeschooling in the Philippines

Primary homeschooling in the Philippines – Domino’s Story

In this article we learn more about Primary homeschooling in the Philippines. Primary student Domino has been homeschooling with Wolsey Hall since September 2020.  She used to study at an International School in Qatar but when the pandemic hit, her parents decided to research and look for a provider in the UK. They are now homeschooling in the Philippines.

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Taking the big step to homeschool

“It took us some months to finally decide which school we would enrol both our kids with,” explains Michelle, Domino’s mum. “In the end, the Wolsey Hall curriculum ticked all the boxes we were looking for, and the transition from their previous school to Wolsey Hall has been easy for all of us.”

“The curriculum approach is highly similar. When we first enrolled Domino as a Year 2 student with Wolsey Hall, and after submitting two assignments, her English tutor recommended we move her to Year 3. We are very pleased that Wolsey Hall allows acceleration. Domino turned 8 years old last August, and she is now taking Year 5 subjects – English, Science, Maths, International History and Geography. Her favourite (and our favourite) subjects are Science and Maths – the lesson plans and the experiments are very easy to follow.”

Primary homeschooling in the Philippines

Homeschooling in the Philippines

“We have a very big homeschooling community here in the Philippines, one of the Facebook groups that I am in – Homeschoolers of the Philippines caters to all home-educated Filipino and Expat children. Some added resources are readily available here such as the National Museum, Science Museum, etc. Domino never had any experience in the Philippine school system, but I believe that it needs to catch up with its foreign counterparts. Having said that there are good schools around here too. From our experience with my son Dylan, one of the downsides for us was the traffic for the school run together with too much schoolwork during the week and an expectation to voluntarily attend school on Saturdays – we are not up for it which makes Wolsey Hall a perfect fit for us.”

The flexibility delivers

“One of the benefits of studying at Wolsey Hall is the flexibility that is provided. We moved to a new apartment in Qatar in 2020, and we needed a family break. Our Course Manager allowed us to adjust our assignment submissions. Then in March 2022, we needed to relocate from Qatar to the Philippines and again were able to adjust the assignment submissions. Most of the resources are available online with Wolsey Hall, so even if we are travelling, the learning is just right at our fingertips.”

“Domino started Artistic Gymnastics aged three in Australia. When we moved to Qatar, it became the centre of her weekend activity, but because she was attending a regular school back then. Since switching to homeschooling, she has been able to attend her gymnastics and dance class on weekdays without affecting her education.”

“Domino completed her first gymnastics competition in Qatar at the age of four – competing in the 5-6-year-old category and finishing in fourth place. She has continued to compete here in the Philippines with her first competition in October 2022 in the PGAA Cup where she won 4 Golds in all apparatus and finished 7th place overall. This was followed with 4 Golds in all apparatus; 9th place overall at the Aquazorb Gymnastics meet in November 2022, and then again with 4 Golds in all apparatus; 7th place overall at TMC Gymnastics meet last December 2022. These events have not interfered with her studies as we make schedules work for her.”

Tips for parents homeschooling in the Philippines

“My advice to new homeschooling families is to plan ahead. Create a schedule that will work for you and your children’s study habits. As a homeschooler, we are not bound by longer school hours but creating a schedule will keep you on track. Schedules can be changed from time to time as you go along. Make homeschooling fun by researching more about the topic and being creative about how you will present the information. Find a technique that will work for you and your child.”

“Potential and new homeschooling parents worry about the socialisation of home-educated children; this is one of the reasons why most families are scared to try it. A lot of people think that homeschooled students do not have an avenue to socialise with others. They can join a local homeschooling group, sports club, art club or performing arts club and have friends that way.”

“Homeschooling does not always have to be done at home either. We have used coffee shops, bookshops, museums and parks for our classroom which helps break some of the monotony of being stuck in the house all day. Lastly, homeschooling requires dedication and commitment. It is not always easy but the main advantage for me is learning with my child. Learning is a continuous process; we learn every day and if learning excites you this could be for you. Homeschooling is the whole family’s journey. Good luck!”

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