Studying online in Ireland

Dechlan’s story

Seventeen-year-old Dechlan is an elite athlete studying online in Ireland. Dechlan has chosen to study IGCSE courses with Wolsey Hall Oxford while he competes for his country in the sport of tetrathlon (running, swimming, shooting and equestrian).

“I have been studying with Wolsey Hall for the last four years as boarding school was not really an option for me,” explains Dechlan. “I found it difficult at first, however talking with close friends face-to-face and parental support and guidance has helped me hugely. I am mindful to build an extended network through school, sport and my other interests. I trade Lego online and have an interest in Lego photography. These wide interests help me stay connected with the world. Together they give me great fulfilment!

Studying online in Ireland

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports elite athletes in their education by providing online courses from Primary through to A level.

Finding a schedule that works

Dechlan has been horse riding since he was four years old and competes with his two Irish sport horses in Tetrathlon and Eventing. He also loves swimming and shooting. His greatest achievements so far are achieving sixth place at the International Tetrathlon 2021 and fourth place in the Irish Pony Club Eventing Championships.

“I study five days per week six hours a day. My favourite subjects are English and Economics. I do my best to fit my schoolwork around my sports, so I ride at lunch time and after school. Sometimes I will study on a weekend so that I can go to my trainer mid-week. I visit the National Air Pistol Shooting Club of Ireland when I can and tie my laces to go running that breaks up my day, giving me fresh air away from the books.” Dechlan goes on to say, “it’s a real juggling act, so prepare to be your own boss if you like your weekends like I do”.

“When I finish my schooling, I’d really like to go to university in Europe and compete for Ireland or Australia (I am a dual Australian and Irish citizen). I would love to work with horses but not full-time as I want to study and gain a profession.”

Dechlan is studying online in Ireland
Elite athlete Dechlan studies online in Ireland

Advice to other athlete students

“Be prepared to support yourself. You need to be very disciplined and hard-working as well as have a flexible approach to school and sport. I have found my courses to be engaging and detailed and my tutors to be very supportive and helpful. I look forward to the few Skype calls we have every year.”

“I hope you’ll find what you are looking for with homeschooling at Wolsey Hall. I certainly did.”


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