Meet our team

Dedicated support

We have a large team of dedicated people all driven by their desire to support and assist our homeschooling students to the full. From Admissions staff helping families understand our courses and assisting them make the right subject selections to our team of Student Progress Managers who support students throughout their homeschooling journey.

We also have a large team of staff who are responsible for monitoring, developing and improving the courses we provide.

You can meet all our team members below or visit our Tutors page to see our team of highly qualified and experienced Tutors.

How homeschooling works SPM support

Joy-Anna explains the role of the SPM.


Admissions Manager

Christina Hitchcock

Christina studied French and German, spending a year in both countries.

Senior Admissions Advisor

Tamara Onslow

As an SPM, I enjoy being able to provide ongoing advice and support to students and their parents.

Admissions Officer

Amber Hussain

Amber taught English for four years at an international language school.

Admissions Officer

Julianna Fatimaharan

Julianna has worked for eight years in student support and admissions roles.

Admissions Officer, India

Sheela Anagolum

Sheela has authored a book ‘Chemistry Skills Builder’ for Cambridge IGCSE.

Admissions Officer

Nyssa Haines

Nyssa worked at the Open University for nine years supporting students with their distance learning.

Student Progress Managers

Student Progress Manager Sarah Webb

Manager of Primary Student Support

Sarah Webb

Sarah is passionate about children’s learning and development.

Charlotte English Secondary SPM manager

Manager of Secondary Student Support

Charlotte English

Charlotte enjoys counselling children and young adults in her spare time.

Michaela Pignotti manager of secondary student support

Manager of Secondary Student Support

Michaela Pignotti

Michaela has been working in Higher Education for over a decade.

Erica Abi-Karam

Erica enjoys supporting students and their families to succeed in their independent learning and education.

Melissa Baines

Melissa discovered a passion for Primary education after homeschooling her son during the lockdown.

Liane Beech

Liane has worked as a Primary classroom teacher and specialist Learning Support Teacher.

Dani Boucher

Dani has a passion for children’s literature and a keen interest in supporting young learners who are autistic.

Tara Brooks

Tara is an expert in Early Years education and loves the role of managing families and students.

Kristina Brown

The best part of being an SPM is getting to know students and their families and having a positive impact on children’s achievements.

Helena Cantone

Helena helped set up an educational arts charity and has worked with children and young people for over 10 years.

Charlotte Casey

Charlotte really enjoys working for Wolsey Hall because she travels around the world meeting people each day while sitting in her own home!

Jo Christodoulou

Jo’s teaching experience has brought her a wealth of knowledge about different cultural learning and the values students hold for their future prospects.

Vicky Cumming

Vicky feels lucky in her role to have opportunities to develop relationships with families all over the world.

Jackie Cunningham

Jackie has worked in a variety of educational settings, both within schools and university.

Nikki Dallaway

Nikki enjoys supporting Wolsey Hall families through their homeschooling journey.

Daisy Datson

Daisy is an expert in eLearning courses for adult students.

Laura Devanny

I love working as an SPM because it allows me to support students across the globe to realise their potential.

Pat Edwards

Pat has helped hundreds of students to success in their courses during her time with Wolsey Hall.

Lucy Ford

Lucy has worked for the charity and educational sectors for many years.

Rona Francis

Rona became a mature student herself and studied for a BSc in Child Health and Wellbeing.

Jackie Francis

Jackie’s strengths are to champion and support students pastorally, enabling them to become reflective, independent learners.

Juliet Franks

Juliet has worked for almost 20 years in student mentoring and management roles in education.

Angela Goozee

Angela believes education is the foundation for personal development and is passionate about supporting others.

Emma Goulart

Emma is passionate about the environment and studied for a Masters of Research in Environmental Management.

Emma Gowans

Emma worked in archaeology and education where she discovered her love of teaching and has never looked back.

Joanna Hambridge

Joanna is an examiner which sparked her interest in working in education.

Cathe Heron

Cathe loves having the privilege of meeting and working with families from all over the world!

Laura Hobley

Laura enjoys supporting and helping children and their families from around the world.

Cris House

Cris has worked in universities and art galleries and feels privileged to inspire creativity and confidence to young learners around the world.

Annabel Hudson

Annabel is a talented artist who finds it particularly rewarding encouraging children and young adults to be creative.

Jules Kennedy

Jules has been a Head of Maths, English, and a Deputy Head.

Claudia Lambert

What is special about being an SPM is being able to meet families from around the world and supporting pupils in their personalised learning journey.

Rebecca Laughton

Becky has a particular interest in global learning and enjoys meeting families from all over the world.

Ursula Mallows

Ursula has taught in a number of institutions and enjoys working for Wolsey Hall and its international community.

Emma May

Emma established her own business developing and delivering creative workshops and online courses.

Pip McAllister

Pip particularly works with international students and those with special needs.

Naouele McHugh

Naouele is also a Primary teacher who enjoys supporting children and watching them flourish.

Clare Middleton

Clare worked as a teacher during the pandemic where she began to appreciate how positive online learning can be.

Villy Mitchell

Villy completed a Montessori Diploma and homeschooled her own children.

Lucy Nicholson

Lucy previously worked in universities and took an active role in the education of her three children.

Mandy O’Sullivan

Mandy believes it is a privilege helping students to gain confidence and take ownership of their own learning.

Suzanne Parry

Suzanne loves meeting families all around the world and the joy of seeing the students flourish.

Tony Payne

Tony has spent many years teaching and loves helping students discover their hidden talents.

Francesca Provenzano

Francesca’s love for all forms of art has driven her to be a lifelong learner, having recently completed a photography course.

Sufia Rashid

Sufia enjoys working alongside families from all over the world and supporting her students to successfully achieve their academic goals.

A Level Admissions Manager

Jessie Sim

Jessie specialises in A level admissions enquiries and enjoys being an SPM to families all over the world.

Victoria Stanway

Victoria has a background in the arts, developing her own art practice to exhibit locally and nationally.

Emma Tanaka

Emma understands the various challenges faced with home learning and is looking forward to drawing on this experience to help motivate and support her students.

Jane Thomas

Jane has an extensive and varied career working with young people, adults, and families.

Wendy Thomson

Wendy has a passion for remote learning and connecting with people who have chosen a different lifestyle to the norm.

Natalie Tighe

Natalie is an advocate for mindfulness and meditation, particularly to help young people manage stress and improve focus.

Nicola Timbrell

Nicola educated her two children at home and loves supporting other families doing the same.

Annabel Walker

Annabel relishes the opportunity to help students become more confident and independent in their learning.

Jeannette Walker

Jeannette has worked in the education sector for the last 17 years and understands the challenges that students can face.

Rachel Wells

Rachel greatly enjoyed homeschooling her own daughter which has given her a strong interest in education.

Claire Westlake

Claire is passionate about ensuring children’s wellbeing through learning to lead to individual success.

Kerry White

Kerry supported Primary children with speech and communication issues.

Melanie Wright

Melanie enjoys using her experience in education and home education to help other families succeed in their homeschool journey.

Rebecca Wright

Rebecca worked for several universities and is delighted to resume her career in education, supporting children’s learning.

Heads Of School

Head of Primary

Christine Armstrong

Christine has over 18 years’ experience in Primary education, and has held both teaching and leadership posts in the UK, and internationally. Before joining Wolsey Hall, Christine was the Primary Headteacher of a British International school in Bangkok. As a qualified teacher Christine puts the needs of students at the heart of her decision-making and is passionate about developing the whole child: academic development, social development and personal development. Christine holds a MBA from Oxford Brookes University, and is a trained school inspector. During the early wave of the pandemic Christine was responsible for implementing online learning in Primary, and as well as the challenges this presented, she could also see the value and freedom this brought to children’s learning. Christine is thrilled to be part of Wolsey Hall, and is constantly seeking opportunities to further develop the homeschooling experience in the Primary phase. When not working, Christine is busy with her two teenage children, and is enjoying reconnecting with, and exploring her home town of Oxford. She enjoys cooking, writing and the theatre. Having spent many years in the Far East, Christine has an appreciation of Chinese culture, in particular.

Head of Secondary

Ruth Young

Ruth has a BA Joint Honours in English Literature and French, with additional qualifications in Spanish and Italian from the University of Leeds. After completing her PGCE at the same university, she worked in Secondary state schools in North and West Yorkshire in a variety of roles including Head of French and Advanced Skills Teacher, supporting other teachers and schools in the region with delivery of their MFL curriculum. She moved overseas to Cairo in 2010 where she worked for five years as Head of MFL and Assistant Headteacher of Upper School in an UK curriculum international school. This led to becoming Secondary Principal for four years at a British International School in Thailand until her move to France in 2019. In France, Ruth enjoys long, peaceful countryside walks with her husband, daughter and dog as well as trying her hand at French cooking when she is not helping renovate their house.



Lee Wilcock

Lee’s career in home study and distance learning began over 35 years ago. During this time he has worked in a variety of roles in the distance learning/online learning field including providing advice to government on flexible approaches to learning. Now, as Principal of Wolsey Hall, he brings all this experience to bear to ensure that Wolsey Hall students get the best possible learning experience and that Wolsey Hall remains at the forefront in terms of innovation in homeschooling. Lee homeschooled his own daughter through her IGCSEs – so he understands at first hand the issues involved in being a homeschooling parent!

Deja Pygott Safeguarding and well-being Manager

Student Well-Being Manager and Safeguarding Lead

Deja Pygott

Deja is the Wolsey Hall Lead Safeguarding Officer and Well-being Manager. She is responsible for ensuring that we provide a safe and supportive learning environment and promotes the positive mental and social well-being of students who study with Wolsey Hall. Deja graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Primary Education, during which her studies took her to England. After falling in love with the country, Deja began teaching in a school in West Sussex. Since this time she has taught and supported pupils with complex needs in a therapeutic community, served as head of a centre supporting social communication needs and worked as a manager in a Secondary school as the teacher in charge of Learning Support. Deja is passionate about keeping pupils safe and promoting their well-being to enable them to get the most out of their studies. Deja lives in Northampton with her partner and loves going to see live music, attending vintage festivals and events and walking.

University Services

University Adviser

Sarah Wilson

Sarah helps to create meaningful professional and personal lives.

Supervisors of Courses

A level

Rachel Waring

Rachel studied English Language and Literature at Oxford University and has a Certificate in Further Education teaching. She has been teaching A level English for over 12 years. Her work in education has given her varied experience of both the pastoral and the academic. She has worked as a Learning Support Tutor, Student Services Officer and Course Leader in Further Education; a Residential Warden in an international boarding school; an A level Examiner; and Head of English and Faculty Leader in an independent sixth form college. She lives in Oxford and when she is not working she loves reading, writing and restoring old furniture. She is studying for a Diploma in Interior Design in her free time.

Supervisor of courses Nicky Waring

A level

Nicky Waring

At University Nicky opted for a joint degree in Geography and Computer Science. Having gained a first class BA (Joint Honours), she remained at Keele University and completed a PGCE in Geography and Mathematics. For the last 26 years, she has taught Secondary (Key Stage 3), GCSE, and A level Geography. During this time, Nicky also taught Secondary Level Mathematics, Information Technology and Computing. During her spare time, Nicky is passionate about horse riding. She owns two horses and competes regularly. She is particularly proud to have competed in British Show Jumping’s National Amateur Finals on two occasions and to have competed at Hickstead. Nicky also enjoys trampolining, skiing, shooting, fell walking and rock climbing.


Jane Marshall

Jane achieved a First Class Honours in Applied Physics, and then a PGCE from Southampton University. She was inspired by her own Physics teacher at school, and taught at the Girls’ Grammar School in Bournemouth amongst other Secondary Schools. She worked at an Independent Boarding School where a significant number of pupils required special needs teaching. It was here that she began to teach Mathematics as well as Physics. Jane took time out to raise her own family, but loves teaching so much that she returned to Homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford!

IGCSE Course Editor

Liz Wickens

Liz graduated from St Andrews university with a degree in English Language and Literature and an ambition to pursue a career in journalism. After a couple of brief forays into print with HarperCollins (travel books), she found her way instead into publishing and worked for 20 years at GL Assessment (formerly nfer-Nelson) as an editor, working mainly on educational assessments. During this time she took an eight-year career break to start a family, returning to work on a part-time basis once her two children reached school age. Now a freelance editor, Liz enjoys a variety of work, especially jobs that blend writing with editing. She is also co-chair of governors at her local Primary school and enjoys playing the piano in her spare time.

Lower Secondary

Jess Wyer

Jess studied Applied Biology at Bath University. After getting her honours degree, she worked as a food Microbiologist then whilst involved in research at Oxford University she authored several scientific papers as well as obtaining a Diploma in Counselling. After taking time off to look after her two children she was employed as a school Science Technician. She then trained as a teacher and gained her Diploma in Education and Training at Cirencester College, teaching A level Biology and IGCSE Biology in an outstanding Science department. In addition to tutoring with Wolsey Hall she has also tutored local students in Science, several with learning difficulties, from Primary up to IGCSE Level. In her spare time Jess likes to bake and spend time in her wildlife garden.

Lower Secondary

Elena Roveglia

Elena has a BA in European Languages and an MA in Translation with Language Technology. After achieving her PGCE from Exeter University, Elena taught in a number of state and independent schools in South West England. After 16 years as Head of Languages, Head of House and examiner for GCSE, Elena achieved her CELTA certification. She then moved into the international circuit and took up the role of teacher trainer for an independent school group in Kazakhstan. This led to a further two years in Asia, where Elena worked as an ESL/Academic English specialist at an independent school in Beijing. In her spare time, Elena enjoys baking cakes, reading and going for long walks along the coastline near her parents’ home in West Wales. She also enjoys visiting her husband’s family in Italy.

Upper Primary

Jo Ryman

Jo has worked in a variety of Primary schools and for the local authority, but most recently in a small school, where independent learning and parental support are key priorities. She works with children across all ages with a particular focus on Maths, IT and outdoor education. Her three children keep her busy and she took time out to be a full time mum and during this time helped set up a charity. Jo has a keen interest in birds and wild flowers probably stemming from living on a farm in childhood.

Lower Primary

Becky Blackwell

Becky trained at Oxford Brookes University, achieving a BA Hons in Primary Education and specialised in teaching children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. She has then taught children from all the Primary year groups in a variety of Primary schools across Oxfordshire. Becky’s favourite part of teaching is encouraging children to be brave when learning; building up their resilience to reach their potential. Becky has a young daughter at home who makes life both busy and noisy! In her spare time she teaches and performs a range of circus skills to children and adults.

Tutor Services and Support

Tutor Services Manager

Gemma Langley

Gemma grew up in Wales surrounded by stunning scenery. Her love of her surroundings and a desire to understand and conserve them led her to do a degree in Marine Biology at Swansea University. This led to a career in conservation from Gower, Wales, to Maui, Hawaii. During this time she had the privilege of sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with school groups, youth associations and the general public. Gemma taught Science in Secondary schools and thrived on seeing pupils achieve their potential. She is a long-standing Tutor with Wolsey Hall and now not only does she support students, but also the Tutor team. Gemma now lives in Dartmouth. When not working, she will be found at the beach, where she’ll either be kitesurfing or paddle boarding in the sea or on the sand with her three children and their dog ‘Breeze’.

ONline maths tutor Heidi Watkins

Tutor Support Supervisor

Heidi Watkins

Heidi studied Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, where she also completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She has been helping students study Maths for over 20 years, and is an established tutor at Wolsey Hall Oxford, having worked here for several years. In addition to tutoring students at this college, she provides support to our Tutors, and is involved in quality control to help Wolsey Hall Oxford maintain the high standards that we are all proud of. In her free time, Heidi can be found ten-pin-bowling or toboganning with her partner and three sons, and taking their tiny chihuahua for walks in the countryside.

Tutor Services Manager (Primary)

Ed Morris

Ed undertook a four-year teacher training degree, graduating in 2001 with a QTS with English qualification. Since then, he has been teaching across the Primary age range. Ed played a large part in the development of PE and School Sport in Blackpool between 2002 – 2006, and then led Science, English and Maths in Lichfield. He is here to supervise our Primary Level Tutor range. Ed is passionate about helping Primary Level students feel supported and motivated by their Tutors.

Exams Officers

Exams Officer (International)

Nuha Lami

Nuha has a degree in Business Management and, prior to joining Wolsey Hall Oxford, lectured in Business and Economics. She has also worked in Early Years Learning and Student Support, working closely with students requiring extra exam provision at another college in Oxford. Nuha lives in North Oxford and has two daughters, both of whom are currently at university. In her spare time she enjoys interior design and aerobics.

Exams Officer (UK)

Tony Marshall

Tony has over sixteen years’ experience as an Exams Officer at Thomas Gainsborough School, which in recent years has become an important centre for our students. Tony will have overall responsibility for our Exams Office as well as specific responsibility for the UK area. Before moving from London to rural Suffolk with his family, Tony spent more than 20 years in the Financial Markets as a trader in International Bonds and Futures for various Investment Banks and Brokers. He now likes to spend his time with his six children, and helping out at his daughters Teahouse in Lavenham.