Adam Lockey


I took my degree in Computer Studies, which also contained modules of Maths. This inspired me to become a Maths teacher and to complete a two year PGCE in Mathematics. Since then I’ve enjoyed over fifteen years of teaching Mathematics to Secondary school pupils while helping to bring up four wonderful daughters.

I like trying to prove that Maths can be useful and enjoyable by using computers and Maths to analyse systems and solve problems. I love participating in escape rooms, cipher challenges and gaming and I enjoy making and sharing online videos of Maths tuition.

Although I have done well at many schools and successfully fulfilled roles from supply teacher to Head of Department, my main passion is one to one personal online learning. I have found myself becoming more aware of the progress and success of online education. This, combined with my interest in technology, and my requirements for career flexibility, has caused me to lean towards online Mathematics tutoring as opposed to whole-school classroom teaching. I feel that it offers a more rewarding, enjoyable and personalised experience for both Tutor and student. My own daughter, who miraculously survived a deadly form of meningitis, has also been homeschooled with Wolsey Hall. We both agree that it is an exciting and supportive learning platform.

I like to keep fit and healthy, write and perform songs and poems, participate in sports and poker tournaments and make family documentaries showcasing my family’s unique and incredible life. As my children grow and begin to tell their own stories, I’m often travelling as a chaperone, or spending time filming, so a flexible online Tutor role is perfect for me.

I’m positive, enthusiastic and approachable and I hope you can share my passion and commitment to learning Mathematics as we work together.

Subjects: Maths