Antal Koos

BSc, PhD

Science has fascinated me since Primary School, and I’m committed to transmitting my enthusiasm to others. I believe that learning is exciting and should be enjoyed!

Teaching Physics provides the opportunity to discover (and indeed understand) the wonders of the world. I encourage you to ask questions like “why?” and use scientific skills and evidence to help you reach the answer.

I prefer active learning, using examples from everyday life and practical work. I feel it essential not just to impart knowledge, but also to help you understand how to learn. Physics is an evolving subject and we, as students and Tutors, must progress with it. We all learn differently, and I will try to adapt my teaching methods to what will work best for you.

After graduating, I started working as a teacher and greatly enjoyed it. I then had the unexpected opportunity of doing my PhD in Physics at a university in Budapest. This was followed by postdoctoral research at the Oxford University. I worked on interesting nanotechnology projects, focusing mainly on Carbon Nanomaterials.

Fortunately, I could also work with students. My job involved student supervision, laboratory exercises and summer project management. During this time I realised how much I missed teaching and so I returned to the role of an educator.

Since then I have worked in colleges in Oxford and Budapest. I have taught IGCSE, A level, and undergraduate level to adult students both from the UK and overseas. I am now an experienced Physics Tutor.

I’m sure you will enjoy your time studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford, and I hope I can help contribute to your success.

Subjects: Physics