Beverley Molyneux

BA (Hons), QTS

I’m keenly aware of the power of education. I love discovering and rediscovering. I love considering different perspectives – not just in English but also in History, Psychology, Philosophy and Science. You name it, I’m interested in it! This passion for knowledge is something I’ve been told I pass on to the pupils I teach.

Language is power. Learning the rules by which you can manipulate language and gain a top grade can be life changing. It takes time and you will need to practise but it’s worth it and I’ll be here to guide you through.

Over the last 15 years I’ve been a teacher of English, Media, and Drama. English is my specialism and I love the way my subject is in two parts. In Language, there are rules to learn and apply, whereas in Literature, the words unfold themselves in so many different ways.

I’m very much a people person. For the past 14 years I’ve enjoyed working as whole school literacy coordinator, Key Stage 3 Lead and Head of Department. I’ve written plays which have been performed to acclaim from parents, governors and pupils. I’ve run multiple after school clubs for drama, media, reading, creative writing, calligraphy and more.

I’ve always been a GCSE examiner for English Literature and English Language. More recently being appointed as a team leader for English Language. The benefit of knowing the examination specifications inside out means I can pass on this expertise to you. Passing exams is a game of sorts, and I’m here to help you learn and apply the rules.

I have two daughters, aged 19 and 13, a husband who is also a teacher, and a very naughty golden cocker spaniel named Maisie. I’m taking a break from the classroom right now and spending some well-deserved quality time with my family. This means I get to work with you, and all the wonderful people at Wolsey Hall. I get to share my love of English and guide you as you meet and conquer the challenges of this amazing subject. Whether it be looking at the rules of the apostrophe or zooming in on the multifaceted meanings in poetry by Shakespeare, Hardy or Owen, I can’t wait to meet you.