Caroline Sale


My parents were teachers and, from an early age, I can remember them striving to give their students the best opportunities they had. Despite my own struggles with school and education, they inspired me to become a teacher and showed me the kind of educator I wanted to be.

I realised early on in my educational studies that I wanted to work with Lower Secondary students. The years between Primary and IGCSE can be a very difficult period for these young people, both emotionally and academically, and I wanted to help them develop through those challenging times. I spent many an hour at my school sat on the side of a cold playground so that the boys who struggled interacting with others could have a safe space to play the games they wanted to play. 

As well as a specialism in The Arts, I became Head of History, an Advanced Skills Teacher developing Teaching and Learning throughout my Home County, and an English Consultant. In my experiences, Lower Secondary has always been about being able to reach each student with a range of subjects challenging enough for them, whilst acknowledging the huge changes that are upon them. I am absolutely passionate about the student as a person as well as a scholar and feel that my Skills for Life work will allow me to support them as they enter adolescence.

My teaching took a different path when I began homeschooling my two children from the age of 11. My eldest was struggling with school and therefore it was imperative to make the changes that he needed. My youngest decided that he wanted to follow suit and we never looked back. Since then, both my children thrived and with my support and dedication to their needs, they have both gone on to be successful in their respective fields. Both my children have shown me new wonders and I continue to learn from them as they make their own path into adulthood.

Homeschooling my own children has led me to Tutor other young people at Lower Secondary and IGCSE Level and I love the challenges of working with all these unique individuals. Even now, there can be days when the student doesn’t need English, they need the space to talk and express their concerns and that can be as valuable to their learning.

When not tutoring, I get enormous pleasure from open water swimming, touring the countryside with my husband and dog in our beloved motorhome, and curling up in front of a warm fire with my knitting or a good book.

I am really looking forward to working with you.