Charlotte Landers


My love of History developed through my learning at school. I had a fantastic History teacher who was passionate about the stories of the past. I think History is so fascinating because it’s about people and stories. It might be the great men and women of History, life-changing social movements, catastrophic wars, or everyday life. All, fundamentally, boil down to people and that, for me, makes it so intrinsically interesting.

I followed my love of History to university. I went to the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland to study for a Modern and Contemporary History degree, as I was fascinated by Irish History. With History, there are always limitless areas of study, and I also discovered a passion for American History at university. I was lucky enough to spend a summer researching at Cornell University in the United States for a Professor of History there. I am currently learning more about the history of Empire, local history and working on the representations of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups in British History. That’s another reason I love History, there is always more to discover!

I have been teaching for the last 15 years in the west of Cornwall. I love interacting with my students, imparting the stories of History but also encouraging them to develop their skills as historians. Evaluating sources of information is vital in life, and I am pleased to be helping young people to be doing this. As well as teaching all year groups at my secondary school, I have marked at GCSE and A level for examining boards.

When not teaching I like to relax by visiting historic places and by being in nature, either at the beach or in the countryside with my family. I also enjoy historical fiction and cooking.

I look forward to sharing my passion for History with you.