Danielle Elliott


Business and Economics underpins the economic factors that influence firms’ decision-making, how they react to changes in the economy and how human behaviour changes based on demand and supply. Seeing students develop and enjoy an understanding of concepts and topics, then achieving and excelling in their exams, has always been the highlight of my career. 

I qualified with a degree in Business and Economics and went on to work in industry whilst completing an Accounting course. I then worked as an Accountant for several years. Although I enjoyed working in industry, my passion had always been to move into teaching; therefore, I went back to university to complete a postgraduate degree in Education. 

I am currently the Head of Sixth Form in a Secondary school and lead on Economics and Business, teaching both GCSE and A level. Through my role as Head of Sixth Form, I have supported students in different subjects and built professional relationships with many students in the school. The best thing I have gained from working with these students is to see them succeed in what they are passionate about. Every year, I see students apply to university and apprenticeships, and there is nothing more worthwhile than watching them receive offers from their first choice of university or workplace.

As well as being a teacher, I am an examiner for a variety of exam boards in England and have marked both the English and IAL exams. Although being an examiner can be challenging, it is also rewarding because it has helped me develop my teaching ability and increase the help I can provide to my students. 

Outside of work, I enjoy hosting dinner parties and love spending time with my friends and family. As much as I love working, having the ability to spend time with my three gorgeous children and husband is always the highlight of my weekend.