Edward Morris


I have always been interested in how children learn. Indeed, my work experience placement at the age of 15 was spent in a Special School observing the various approaches that were used to ensure individual pupils had the very best provision. This led me to a four-year teacher training degree, graduating in 2001 with a QTS with English qualification.

Since then, I have been teaching mainly across the KS2 age range in Blackpool, Lichfield and Walsall. I played a big part in the development of PE and School Sport in Blackpool between 2002 – 2006, and then led Science, English and Maths in Lichfield, Dr Samuel Johnson’s birthplace. I love connecting with pupils and their education. In every class I have had, there are pupils who love or hate Maths or English or Science.

But there is always a way to spark their interest and to promote enthusiasm for every subject. And I take pride in enabling children to learn in their own way.

When I am not working, I love playing squash and going for a run. My Squash partner beats me regularly, but we somehow manage to have a really good battle on the court each week! I was never a runner growing up and even in my 20s, but I took it upon myself to get a bit fitter as I entered my 30s, and found myself running the London Marathon in 2017! It was the biggest challenge of my life, but the sense of satisfaction was incredible.

I am excited to be working with Wolsey Hall because of the time I will be able to spend with individual pupils, discussing and guiding their learning. I look forward to welcoming you as your Tutor, and to joining you and your child on your learning journey.

Tutor Edward Morris