Emma Marshall


I have always been fascinated by History, and in particular political History. For me History is the study of people, their ambitions and the interactions between them. I enjoy thinking about History in a global sense. What were the driving forces behind huge changes in the world, such as wars and revolutions? How and why did some individuals have such a significant impact and continue to do so today?

My love for History probably came from a childhood of running around the gardens of National Trust houses and visiting castles and heritage sites. These captured my imagination, and I wanted to find out what it was like to live in a different era. Later, my History teacher was a great inspiration and opened up a new world of learning. I became interested in the History of ideas and power struggles. I studied History at A level and then at university and particularly enjoyed Russian History and Cold War History modules.

After completing my degree, I travelled the world. I went to South America for a year, travelled around Europe. Travelling and learning first hand about different countries, their cultures and History fascinated me. I was also interested in the legacy of historical events and how people viewed these.

On my return, I studied a PGCE at the University of Ulster on the north coast of Ireland and then spent ten years working in England, where I taught History and Politics to A level. Most recently, I was the Head of History in a school in the UAE. I loved working with students from all over the world and the different perspectives they brought to lessons. I was also able to support students for whom English was not their first language and help prepare them for the IGCSE.

I have tutored GCSE and A level students and been an A level examiner. I enjoy helping people to reach their full potential, and I am always glad to help. I am approachable and friendly, and I look forward to helping you to learn. I am always happy to talk about History!

In my spare time, my hobbies include reading, walking in the countryside, camping and cooking. I currently live in Ireland with my partner and my son.