Faith Thompson


I have always enjoyed the process of learning, of understanding how seemingly random things are entwined, and how they affect one another. I always knew that I wanted my life to be filled with learning, but I never anticipated that teaching would also become part of it.

Growing up I loved to read, and once thought my future would involve English, but my strength lay in Science, especially Physics and Engineering. As my love for Science overtook my love of books, I realised that these were things I wanted to pursue. I gained a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Portsmouth, which is where I also completed my PGCE and my PhD.

Finishing my degree was hard. It was only made possible by utilising a wide range of study and thinking skills passed on to me by an inspirational teacher. After becoming a mother, I began to realise the importance of transferring those study and thinking skills to the next generation, to teach children how to think.

Physics and Engineering were originally my passion, and STEM was initially what introduced me to teaching. But through teaching I have developed a fascination and love for Chemistry, and it has become one of my favourite subjects to teach and learn.

Outside of education, my time is filled by my family and my dogs. We lead an active life and I enjoy walking and running as a household. I also still love to read whenever I get the opportunity.

I look forward to helping you achieve your own eureka moment.