Heidi Watkins


My favourite childhood game was “schools”; as soon as my little sister could walk and talk I converted our playroom into a classroom. I cannot imagine what this toddler made of her big sister’s “lessons”, but my decision many years later to become a teacher came as no surprise to my family.

At school I immersed myself in Mathematics. I would find myself constantly searching for patterns in numbers and shapes around me, and loved using a combination of Maths and Logic to solve problems. In fact I enjoyed the subject so much that I decided to pursue a degree in Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, which included studying equations to explain why tigers have stripes but leopards have spots!

I then completed a PGCE, and with these qualifications I started my career teaching Key Stage 3, GCSE and A level Maths at a school in Birmingham. For the past twenty years I have worked as a private Maths Tutor, juggling my love of teaching Maths with the joy of bringing up three boys! I have enjoyed tutoring a wide range of ages and abilities, and I quickly develop a close rapport with my students as we work together to achieve their goals: nothing gives me greater pleasure than when all the hard work pays off.

Through my sons I have rediscovered the simple pleasures in life: hunting for ladybirds; feeding the ducks; running through a pile of leaves; dancing in the pouring rain; and rolling down a hill to name but a few. I have also developed a creative side, and love making special birthday cakes, from hedgehog to chess-set shaped. Only last week I had to create a marsupial costume for one of my sons, and spent hours turning a hat (shaped originally as a cat’s face) into a half convincing koala!

In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano. I love musicals and watch them as often as I can. This isn’t as frequently as it used to be, so I make up for it by singing around the house. Fortunately, as a distance learner, you won’t be able to hear me! I am really looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Maths and supporting you during this course.