Irfaan Khares


I gained my degree with joint honours in Computer Networking and Business IT, and started my career as a Data Analyst. I then moved into an Information Technology Analyst role for a few years. In 2010 I travelled to Kenya, where I spent five years working with an entrepreneur and created a successful business. It was in Kenya, where I helped young people with computer skills that I realised my love for teaching. I returned to England, enrolled myself into a teaching programme with Warwick University and graduated with a PGCE.

As a Computer Science teacher for five years, I have trained a variety of students to achieve academic excellence and confidence in their computer and programming skills. I teach many programming languages, including Python, and Javascript. The current subject content within computing is challenging and interesting, and when taught well gives students problem solving skills that can be applied to any field of academic study.

As a part of my role as a Computer Science teacher, I also train and support other teachers in the subject. To help develop the programme, I have created and shared many resources online. I focus on the curriculum, developing ways of helping my students to flourish, and many of my lessons draw on my previous industrial experience. Having this experience allows me to relate to ‘market’ requirements and enables me to design relevant lessons. My lessons are planned to ensure that I deploy a range of teaching strategies and include a variety of activities. I provide my students with constructive feedback so they can improve and aim high.

In my spare time, I run an after-school hockey club, a cyber-discovery club (students learn cyber programming techniques), and I assist in the duke of Edinburgh award scheme. I enjoy hiking, cycling and travelling.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with my students.