Jill Pearson


Being fortunate to travel with my teaching qualifications, I have gained experience in both the pastoral and academic fields in Hong Kong, Prague and Dubai following my first teaching post in Sussex, UK. This has allowed me to gain a bounty of knowledge about a huge variety of nationalities, cultures and learning styles. I have led Mathematics Departments in Prague and in Dubai and held the post of Assistant Head, Academics before taking a career break to focus on my children, leaving expatriate life behind. This has given me the most wonderful opportunity to focus solely on the other side of the fence where I can enjoy the privileges of being a full-time mum supporting my children on their learning journey.

Of course, I especially love to see their progression in Mathematics particularly because both of my children have struggled to grasp this subject with the ease that I did. The blessing in this is that I have had first-hand experience with my own children of the frustrations that learning Maths can bring. And this has developed my ability to empathise and made me a better teacher/ Tutor.

I love being able to help students learn. I also love to make learning more interesting. But most importantly I love the moment when a learner completely gets it!

Attitude is everything and you must be prepared to step out of your comfort zone to grow. Recently, I decided to enter a Strictly Come Dancing competition to raise money for charity. It was a fabulous life-enhancing experience and I was petrified. But I did it and survived to tell the tale! I do love a challenge and have been known to throw myself out of aeroplanes for fun… although I am happier with both feet firmly on the ground when I am walking and hill climbing anywhere green! I am a musician too, piano being my main instrument and regularly play the church organ at my local church. I love period dramas but am quite taken with “Suits” at the moment although there’s nothing quite like a good book and a cuppa when I get the time.

Teaching is my vocation. I am compassionate, flexible and student-centred and I am very much looking forward to helping you do the very best that you possibly can.