Joanne Trewick


I have loved books all of my life. Yes, I am what they call a bookworm and the smell when you turn the first page of a new book is absolute heaven! For me, the ability to see and escape into other worlds makes reading and literature exciting. Through reading, I have been able to travel around the world and into other worlds. Sharing my passion for reading is one of the reasons I went into teaching. It is the most wonderful thing when I can support students to find an enjoyment and appreciation for reading and literature too. I believe that reading is the gateway to learning and education.

Having taught English for over twenty years, I have had the privilege of working with many students and inspiring a journey of discovery in their learning. Delving into the worlds of many different writers, times and genres, and showing students how literature enables us to understand and appreciate the perspectives and experiences of others, is what inspires the joy of studying English. In addition, guiding young people in finding different ways to learn and study is vital to the support for any student. I believe that every student wants to learn. Sometimes the journey can be difficult and bumpy, but I love having the opportunity to find the key to open up every student’s learning journey. I always strive to ensure I explore all avenues and methods so that each individual can reach their full potential.

As well as teaching, I am a GCSE Examiner, and I tutor students from Key Stage 2 (Upper Primary Level) to A level. Being an examiner has given me a greater understanding of the exam and the experience of the student. When I am marking papers, I am in awe of what students can achieve in timed conditions, as well as the interpretations and creativity that they are able to demonstrate. As a Tutor, I can provide an individual and personalised approach to learning that supports and develops each student.

Outside of teaching, it is a given that I love reading a good book! I also enjoy walking in our wonderful countryside, travelling the world and exploring different destinations, and dipping my toes into open water swimming. Being outdoors and around nature is very important to me and allows me to appreciate the wonder of our world.