Kate Marks


Having taken my A levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, I went on to do a Geology degree at Bristol University. I take satisfaction from knowing that an answer is right and I like the challenge of working out the more difficult concepts.

After 2 years working with Mobil Oil, I’d saved enough money to travel. I visited Zambia, Uganda and Kenya, where I had relations, went walking in the Himalayas, journeyed through Thailand and then on to Australia and New Zealand. Whilst in New Zealand I was given the opportunity to join a crew on a 60-foot Yacht. We sailed across the Pacific to visit Fiji and Tonga. It will always stay in my memory.

After coming home, I worked in an outdoor pursuit centre before taking my PGCE also at Bristol University. After this, I decided I wanted to work with young people and have the flexibility of working in different places.

For the following 13 years, I worked in several schools in Bristol teaching all 3 sciences to GCSE Level. I also became involved in the pastoral side of education as I enjoy communicating and advising young people. And while living in Bristol I was an active player of hockey and tennis.

I moved to Swansea in 2006 and became a mum soon after. My son is very active and I spent the first 5 years of his life running after him. We spent much of the time on the beaches of the Gower, a stunning location and a wonderful place to raise a child.

I returned to teaching in 2012 and as well as the sciences, I also taught Life Skills to children across South Wales for a charity called Business in the Community. Working part-time meant I had time to tutor Physics and Chemistry in the evenings and I discovered how much I enjoy working with young people in a one-to-one setting. I look forward to joining you on your science learning journey.