Leanne Johnson


I took my BA in English Language and History at the University of Manchester followed by a PGCE. And I’ve been teaching English and Drama in schools since 2011. While at college, I volunteered to run a writing club and a drama club for the ‘littluns’ where we had put on shows for the members’ parents (my favourites were Shrek and King Lear the Comedy). I also liked giving speeches and taking part in debates, so teaching seemed an obvious career choice for me.

I have always encouraged my pupils to take an active approach to their studies and pursue topics they enjoy. If my class isn’t enjoying a book or an activity, I’ll stop and find another approach. Although I’m now tutoring instead of teaching in a classroom, I believe this mentality is why homeschooling works well for so many. You get to take charge of your own learning, knowing that I’m on hand to guide you along the way.

In the past I’ve had pupils ask me what is ‘the point’ in studying English. “I can already speak it, and my phone has autocorrect,” they tell me. Although being able to read and write accurately are of some importance (well quite a lot actually), I didn’t settle on teaching English because I like spelling. I decided on English because it encompasses so many other topics; you can choose whichever genre suits your mood, whether fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter!

I also love getting into the nitty-gritty of how words and sentences are put together. I love the way you can invent new words just by speaking them; my two-year-old referred to my bracelet as a ‘hand ring’ the other day which makes perfect sense! I like knowing how a cleverly phrased tag line or quirky change of font can convince you that your life is not complete without a Harry Potter style TV remote control wand (yes I’m a Potterhead). Most of all, I love how English is in a constant state of flux and that we are all playing an active part in it, whether we realise it or not.

I look forward to joining you on your learning journey!