Louisa Lawlor


I first became interested in teaching while on work experience in a Primary school when I was 14. I loved the busy atmosphere of school life and the energy of the children. As a teenager, I was fortunate to have some amazing teachers who took the time to make their lessons fun and inspiring. The idea of creating an environment where children are happy, confident and excited to learn has stayed with me and shapes my teaching to this day.

I graduated with a BSc in Psychology from the University of Plymouth after completing my dissertation in Childhood Emotional Development. I continued to volunteer in Primary schools throughout my degree and went on to take a PGCE at Plymouth Marjon University. Over the last eleven years, I have taught across the Primary age range, with most of my experience being in Year 5 and 6 and specialising in Maths. 

I have always been curious about the world around me and love learning new things. I love being outdoors, hiking and exploring my local area and further afield. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by History and now volunteer with a local archaeology group. I love to imagine what a landscape was like in the past and how people might have lived there. 

Now working from home with my one-year-old daughter, I am seeing my role as a teacher in a whole new light. Watching her experience the world for the first time has made me more aware than ever of how valuable a child’s learning experiences are.

I strive to nurture curiosity and a sense of wonder in my pupils, encouraging them to ask questions and explore. I strongly believe that while we cannot teach our children everything they need to know, we can teach them how to find out.