Louise Rodgers


I think I’ve always been interested in Psychology and Sociology. I could read and write when I was three years old and set about learning as much as I could about the world around me and all the different people in it. I realised that we are all different, even when our lives appear similar, and I wanted to understand why that was.

My degree in Psychology and Sociology at Leeds University was the beginning of my fascination with the science of mind and behaviour. After that, the logical next step was to share my love for the subject as a teacher.

I began in 1992 with five students at a large inner-city comprehensive school and developed the course until almost half of the students in my Sixth Form took A level Psychology. Until a few years ago, my life was centred on teaching and learning – I supported students in being the best they could be, overcoming barriers to reach their potential, as well as teachers to become effective in the classroom. I believe what Carl Rogers said, “that a person cannot teach another person directly; a person can only facilitate another’s learning” and that is what I have always done my best to do.

When I reached 50, I decided to take the Gap Year so many of my students had experienced. I did all the usual things, travelling around Namibia, volunteering and then managing a local charity shop and indulging my love of live music. I missed teaching though, and decided to become a Tutor to keep sharing my passion for Psychology and Sociology. I combine this with my role as a Food Tour guide in Harrogate and York, taking small groups to local independent restaurants and bars to taste international and vegan food and wine. The rest of my time is spent with my beloved bull terrier, Bootsie, enjoying the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire where I live.