Nathan Baker


I am a ‘people’ person who loves facilitating learning. I enjoy working in a team environment with children and adults and building valuable rapport with colleagues, pupils and parents.

I am an experienced teacher from Reception to Year 6, and I believe I do it well. Children enjoy learning with me and my wish is to help them become confident, communicating, creative, choice-making citizens.

I aim to demonstrate an appreciation for diversity and I ensure that each child in my care feels respected and included. I have ambitious but achievable expectations for those I teach.

My teaching practice has been influenced by the Royal Shakespeare Company Ensemble work training, the research of Reggio Emilia, and child-centred approaches. I am enthusiastic and dedicated to the children that I teach, and I look forward to sharing my experience with you.

I enjoy life. Travel, sporting, caring and learning activities fill my time out of work. I support charities through sponsored events such walks, runs and even a skydive. I follow my dreams: I have travelled the UK on a motorbike, travelled around Australia, learnt to ice skate, to fence and stand-up-paddle board.