Robyn Lippingwell


I received my formal education from the University of Queensland in Australia.

I subsequently went on to become a Head of Special Educational Services for Education Queensland, where I established the first two Special Educational Units for the semi-rural area I was working in. I was also instrumental in developing effective and successful community-based programs, which resulted in work placements and apprenticeships for students with Special Educational Needs.

During my time at Education Queensland, I was offered the exciting opportunity to develop a ‘Skills for Life’ program. I found this to be a very challenging but rewarding project. The program sought to positively impact the lives of the students involved and the lives of those around them. I firmly believe that students need to be educated holistically. None of us can function if we do not possess the skills to interact positively in the world in which we live.

More recently, I held the dual roles of Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Head of Learning Support in an Independent School in Buckingham and was a senior leadership team member.

I have spent over 16 years teaching Lower Secondary, GCSE and A level English and have over 15 years of experience as an examiner for English. I am currently a Senior Examiner. I enjoy this role, as it is enlightening and rewarding to see the ways in which students approach the texts. This experience informs how I guide students to success.

I have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the fields of Specialist and Mainstream Education. I offer a wealth of sound practical advice and information to students seeking to organise and motivate themselves to achieve successful outcomes in their studies.

On a personal level, I love live theatre, listening to music, gardening and reading, but most of all, I seek to enjoy every moment and spend my free time with special friends and family.

Tutor Robyn Lippingwell