Ruth Foreman


My view of education was shaped at a very young age. As a child, I was frightened of Maths; I found it incomprehensible, and then at the age of eight, I met an outstanding teacher who showed me how to learn, and in doing so, taught me Maths. The lessons I learned then stayed with me throughout my education and led me to complete a degree in Management and Maths. Upon graduating, I moved to Romania and taught in a British International School. It was this experience that encouraged me to become a teacher. I always strive to be that outstanding teacher for each of my students.

I have been a teacher now for over ten years. I have taught Business, Economics and Maths in England, Romania and Thailand. I have spent the last eight years living in Thailand. I worked in a British International school as the Head of A level and Deputy Head of Secondary Level. I am now back in the UK, and I teach GCSE Maths part-time in a further education college. 

I still love teaching today as much as I did when I first began. I love sharing my passion for my subjects with others, encouraging and helping others, and building working relationships. Teaching allows us to guide students to their own futures and teaches us new ideas, new cultures, and new ways of living along the way. 

Outside of teaching, I love being with my children and family, knitting and crocheting, and travelling whenever possible.

I feel very fortunate to work for Wolsey Hall Oxford, and I look forward to sharing your learning journey.