Sally Sim


I came to teaching quite late after working for several years in banking and retail. In my early 30s, I made a career change and worked as a classroom assistant in a Secondary School. At the same time, I started to study for a degree in English and History with the Open University. This was hard work while working and bringing up a young family, but it taught me the value of education and the opportunities that a good education can offer to an individual. The school in which I worked recognised my academic ambition and offered me an opportunity to train as a teacher via the Graduate Teaching Programme. And that, as they say, is that! I was able to train to do what I consider to be one of the best and most privileged jobs in the world; a teacher.

I taught in mainstream education and then as Head of Department for three years in a school which specialised in teaching students who were on the autism spectrum. It is without a doubt that those three years were some of my best and most interesting times in the classroom. I like to think I taught my students a lot, but I also think they taught me so much about how to be a creative and innovative teacher, and how to understand and appreciate the perspectives and experiences of all learners. I left that post to develop my private tutoring and examination work.

Every year, I read hundreds of examination scripts written by students from across the world. Reading the thoughts and ideas of such a wide range of students is such an amazing experience; one which has helped me to develop a much better understanding and appreciation of different cultures. This knowledge is advantageous when working with international students.

My hobbies include yoga, fitness classes, reading and walking. I have also recently taken up skiing in an attempt to keep up with my five year old grandson. I can safely say that I am not a natural at this sport but I like the idea of sharing a hobby with my grandson – even if he is so much better at it that I will ever be!

I am really looking forward to getting to know and work with you.