Sara Williams


For as long as I can remember, I have loved reading. There is something magical about being lost in the world of a book, getting to know the characters, finding your way around the setting, imagining your way out of situations and feeling relieved when your characters find their way. I am rarely to be found without a book and would recommend everyone to ‘get stuck in’ to a novel at any opportunity. I read all genres, though my favourites are science fiction and fantasy, having moved into Middle Earth with the hobbits when I was around eleven years old. Some say I’m still there!

I have taught English Language and Literature for around twenty years, the majority of those being as Head of Department, and enjoy the challenge of finding ways to enthuse students about these two subjects. I gained my BA degree at Royal Holloway College, University of London, and my PGCE from the University of Wales, Bangor. I have also been an examiner with an examination board which has enabled me to pass on to students the techniques required to answer questions, thus creating more effective and efficient answers. Sometimes, all that is needed is close reading of the question! I have also collaborated with three other teachers and a university lecturer to provide an A level English Literature resource that is available for all to use on the board website.

Along with reading, I like writing creatively and am a member of two writing groups. I also enjoy swimming in the nearby pool and am working up the courage to get into the cold North Wales sea sometime soon! My other favourite ways of passing the time are walking in the lovely countryside and along the coastal paths, and creating patchwork quilts.

I love the intricacies of the English language, and the joy of playing with words has never left me since I started learning how words work  I hope to be able to pass this enjoyment on to you as we journey together.

Subjects: English Language