Tara Scully


Growing up in a home that placed education as the utmost priority, I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a teacher. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Education, I began teaching. A few years later, with experience under my belt, I went on to earn a Masters in Teaching with a focus in Literacy.

During my time as an educator, I have taught a variety of subjects in the Primary curriculum to a wide range of learners, tutored for the 11+ and marked English exams. The two things that remain constant in my career are my love for teaching, and for reading and writing. Reading and writing are both fundamental in understanding all subjects across the primary curriculum. They are also essential in understanding others and expressing yourself so that others will understand you. Writing also enables me to learn so much about my students, not just as authors but who they are as people.

Ignacio Estrada said, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”  This quote perfectly sums up what I have enjoyed most about teaching over the last 14 years and what continues to motivate me. Every child is different. I love the challenge of figuring out their strengths and weaknesses, and then tweaking lessons to suit those strengths and seeing them inspired. I look forward to doing so with your child!

When I’m not teaching, I love reading, playing football, doing yoga and running outdoors! I also continue to learn by taking online courses. At the moment I am taking ‘Introduction to Family Engagement in Education’ which explores the research linking family engagement to better educational outcomes. I have also recently obtained a certificate as a Dyslexia Therapist.