Verena Cavalier


I am a German native and I moved to the UK in 2008, after graduating from university in Germany with a degree in Educational Sciences, Religious Education and English as a Foreign Language. I had intended to teach these subjects in Germany, but instead I took a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages to enable me to teach German, French and Spanish in the UK. I also have experience of teaching Latin up to GCSE Level.

Following my PGCE I completed an MA in Education, and in 2019 I was awarded the German Teacher of the Year award of which I’m very proud. I was invited to the German Embassy in London to receive the prize in a prestigious ceremony. In my free time I enjoy photography and travelling both to explore new languages and cultures and to photograph beautiful landscapes and scenery.

I also enjoy cooking and baking my bread, rather than relying on processed supermarket goods. A healthy lifestyle is important to me and I’m very interested in diet and nutrition. I’m also keen on sport and I enjoy martial arts and running. In 2019 I ran two half marathons, an amazing, but exhausting experience.

I am the proud mother of three young children, twin boys and a girl. They are 6 and 8 years old, and I love spending time with them. I’m raising them bilingually to familiarise them with their German heritage. We return to Germany regularly to spend time with their German relatives and so they can experience life in Germany for themselves. I look forward to sharing my passion for language with you.

Subjects: German