Homeschooling an autistic child

An alternative to mainstream education

Many children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders find a mainstream education difficult to cope with. This can be due to the challenges of socialising with peers, the noisy environment of a school or because the school day does not provide a sufficiently rigid routine.

Even high functioning autistic children can find changes to the school timetable unsettling. Wolsey Hall has a large number of children with high functioning autism studying a range of courses from Primary right up to A Level. Our courses allow parents homeschooling an autistic child a structured way of learning which is often better suited to their needs.

Lily is homeschooling with autism

Sixteen-year-old Lily turned to homeschooling after struggling with her autism and severe OCD in mainstream school.

Autistic child

At Wolsey Hall Oxford, we see homeschooling your child as a team effort between us and you as a family. Every child is allocated a Student Progress Manager who will prepare an assignment schedule for your child, monitor their progress, and keep in close touch with you both.

Our Learning Support department is also on hand to provide support to you and your child or advice to our Tutors on how best they can aid your child through their unique homeschooling journey.

Music for autism concert

Wolsey Hall Oxford is keen to support the education of autistic children in a range of ways. To this end we were proud to sponsor a Music for Autism concert for autistic children at The Castle School in Newbury, England.

This interactive concert was an inspirational event and allowed the children the freedom to react to the music through spontaneous dance, movement and singing.

Music for Autism Concert Sponsored by Wolsey Hall

We are here to help

Our team would be happy to speak with you about how we can help you and your child. We have helped many students with autism spectrum disorders and will be happy to answer any questions you or your child may have.