Wolsey Hall for Schools

A flexible and cost-effective choice for your students

Financial pressures on school budgets – together with a shortage of teachers worldwide – means that it is increasingly uneconomical for a school to offer as wide a range of subjects to their students as they would like.

In addition, many international schools are finding it difficult to recruit and retain teachers.

Working with Wolsey Hall offers schools the opportunity to extend the range of their provision and provide their students with the education they deserve.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre
students at Tara Pattanna who use Wolsey Hall for school blended learning

Why do schools work with us?

Schools work with us for a variety of reasons including providing:

  • supplementary courses for schools that do not offer specific certain specialist subjects as part of their curriculum
  • a solution to teacher shortages
  • an alternative solution when timetable clashes prevent students studying their preferred subjects
  • structured lessons and resources following the English National Curriculum
  •  a full portfolio of courses for schools that do not offer a particular course level – A level for example
  • a blended learning approach at the school

Benefits for teachers

Working with Wolsey Hall provides increased flexibility in the classroom. Instead of having to cram material into a single study period, teachers can use online resources and activities to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. This allows teachers to focus on higher order thinking in the classroom and provide more personalized instruction to meet the individual needs of their students.

student with teacher at Mollorca Tutoring Academy who use Wolsey Hall for blended learning
Blended learning in practice with students at St Margarets who use Wolsey Hall courses

Benefits for students

For students, blended learning encourages a more active approach to their learning . Instead of passively receiving information, students are encouraged to engage with the material presented, either through online activities or in-class discussions. This allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the material and gain a better overall grasp of the subject.

What our schools say

Jeremy Lees from ISS in Koh Sumai

Chairman and Co-founder, International School of Samui

Jeremy Lees

The International School of Samui (ISS) and Wolsey Hall Oxford have been in a successful partnership for the past three years. In order to ensure that our students have access to as wide a range of A-level subjects as possible, ISS subcontracted the teaching, learning and assessment of academic subjects to Wolsey Hall Oxford. This has been beneficial to the school as it means that we can offer a wide selection of A level subjects, with no timetable conflicts or teacher issues. It also allows students in their IGCSE years to study Wolsey Hall subjects which the school doesn’t teach This partnership has been of huge benefit to ISS, both in terms of cost and flexibility.

Monika Hruskova from Olomouc International school

Flexi Programme Coordinator, International School Olomouc

Monika Hrušková

International School Olomouc and Wolsey Hall Oxford have been working together for the past three years. In this time, the school has seen significant successes in our students’ achievements, increased confidence in their work and an increase in student engagement and enthusiasm for their subjects. The partnership between Wolsey Hall Oxford and International School Olomouc is an excellent example of how education providers can collaborate successfully to achieve great outcomes for both parties and for students.

Tracet Hudson from Two Boats School

ICT/Business Studies & Post 16 Mentor, Two Boats School, Ascension Island

Tracey Hudson

Previously students had to leave the Island to go to the UK or St Helena to study A levels. Wolsey Hall has allowed us to offer A Level studies alongside our Youth Training Scheme. We can provide further opportunities for our older students, giving them a pathway into higher education if they so wish. This has resulted in student aspirations rising across the school and we’re seeing younger students talking about A level studies too. We appointed a mentor in the school with responsibility for checking in with students and forming a link between the school, students, parents and Wolsey Hall

Mark Webster from St Margaret's school in the uK

Principal at St Margaret’s School, Hampsted, UK

Mark Webster

The demand grew from students for a Computer Science course and we lacked the staff availability to offer this subject. Working with Wolsey Hall in this way is great as we don’t have to add these subjects to the timetable which is a real problem. The course enables students to work independently in their own time. We offer weekly catch-up sessions to our pupils to go through what they have been learning and offer support that way. The communication between Wolsey Hall, us and the students has been excellent and, as a small school, we have appreciated not having to mark the assignments and give feedback

students at ISS who use Wolsey Hall for school blended learning

More Information

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