Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Wolsey Hall Oxford ‘Wall of Fame’. An area of our website dedicated to celebrating the success and further aspirations of our recent past pupils.

We are aware that past Wolsey Hall Oxford students have attended universities in the UK including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, St Mary University London, University of Bristol, University of Bath, Durham University, University of Edinburgh and Manchester University.

Past students have also attended international universities including National Spanish University of Law, Middle East Technical University Turkey, University of Qatar and Hotelschool, The Hague.

The students below have given us a glimpse into their lives after completing their studies with us and have also shared how Wolsey Hall impacted their lives and/or university and career choices.

Congratulations and continued success to all!

Former Wolsey Hall student Nelson Mandela

Established in 1894, we also have a long list of distinguished alumni from former years, including President Nelson Mandela and President SR Nathan.

Meet our alumni

Name: Lucy Cochrane

Name: Sanjana Lakkineni

Name: Ariana Lopez Clift

Subject : International Business with Portuguese

Queen’s University, Belfast

“Lucy’s interest in Business developed during her time at WH as she studied it at IGCSE and then A Level. When she discovered she could study Business with a language at university she was excited. Studying with WH was great preparation for university as she learned self discipline, how to manage her time and how to study more independently.”

Sanjana is homeschooling in India and striving for academic excellence

Subject: B.Sc Economics

University of Warwick

“Studying through Wolsey Hall Oxford has allowed Sanjana to concentrate exclusively on her studies and devote maximum time to academics which would not have been possible had she attended a regular school. Wolsey Hall Oxford provides high-quality study material and the feedback given by Wolsey Hall Oxford tutors is extremely helpful to the student in understanding how to answer questions in the A-Levels examinations. The guidance provided by Wolsey Hall Oxford Higher Education Counsellor Mr Joel Roderick and Manager of Student Support Sarah Webb was invaluable in Sanjana getting admission to the University of Warwick which is one of the top universities in the world.”

Subject: Classics

University of Oxford

After completing her studies Ariana hopes to become an Archivist. She had this to say about her experience of homeschooling with Wolsey Hall, “As my school didn’t offer any GCSE or A Levels in either Latin or Ancient History, studying through Wolsey Hall helped me to find out whether studying Latin at University would be the right choice. I also believe that studying with Wolsey Hall gave me an opportunity to have a basis in Latin which helped with my application to the University of Oxford.”

Name: Roman Pellegrini

Name: James Jeal

Name: Maria Sanchez-O’Mullony Martinez

Former student Roman is excelling in maths

Subject: Mathematics

FernUni Switzerland

Roman enjoyed his time studying with Wolsey Hall and commented “Wolsey Hall allowed me to follow up lifelong studying. I am now working as a Solution Architect.” Roman studied at Fern University in Hagen, Germany. As a Solution Architect he evaluates specific needs that businesses may have and builds computer systems around them.

James is an alumni of Wolsey Hall

Subject: Financial Mathematics

The University of Nottingham

“Leaving mainstream school and embarking on A levels through Wolsey Hall enabled James to represent GBR at Fencing and compete in all National and International Events with no interruption to his studies. He excelled due to this and also found studying at his own pace, together with the assistance of the excellent online platform and tutors provided by Wolsey Hall enabled him to obtain the high grades he required in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.”

Subject: MEng Chemical Engineering

Lancaster University in Liepzig, Germany

“Studying IGCSE’s/A levels through Wolsey Hall gave me a glimpse of the English educational system, which is a bit different from the Spanish one. It helped me be more prepared and confident to face university.” As a chemical engineer Maria will be involved in the process of converting raw materials into a variety of products we use everyday.

Name: María Isabel Sánchez-O’Mullony Martínez

Name: Hana Fayed

Subject: Software Engineering

Lancaster University in Liepzig, Germany

Isabel had this to say about her time with Wolsey Hall, “The math course was very helpful, not only to learn more but to enter university as well.” Software engineering is an area of computer science that includes building and developing computer systems and applications software. Once qualified, Isabel will help to develop, design and test computer software.

Faculty of Engineering – Architecture

New Giza University, Eygpt

Hana thoroughly enjoyed her time studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford. Her mum had this to say, “It was a great experience and helped Hana to start her beloved career in architectural engineering.” Hana is studying at the New Giza University in Cairo just minutes away from the pyramids. As an architectural engineer she will manage the mechanical and structural aspects of a building and will also be responsible for designing the lighting and electrical systems.