Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education. They recognise exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world. The primary purpose of these awards is to celebrate and recognise the success of high-performing Cambridge learners.

All Cambridge Assessment International Education students are eligible for the prestigious ‘Top in the World’ award. In those countries where Cambridge examinations are taken by more students a wider range of awards are available, including ‘Top in Country’, ‘Best Across’ and ‘High Achievement’.

Wolsey Hall Oxford student Celia Sherriff who is homeschooling in Zambia, was selected by the British Council in Zambia (where she sat her IGCSE exams) to receive the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award certificate and prize for her excellent result in IGCSE Biology

Wolsey Hall student Rafael de Lacy was awarded by Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in Spain for his high achievement in AS Level Law.

If you are a parent or student homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford and have your own Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards story to share, please send them to amy.hemingway@wolseyhalloxford.org.uk.


4 responses to “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards”

  1. Rafael De Lacy says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful tuition. Thank you Mr Mason, Tina and all the team. It was a pleasure to be in Woolsey Hall. Rafael De Lacy

  2. Peter Newell says:

    Congratulations and warm wishes Rafael!

    Do let us know what you are doing now. University?

    All the very best

    Peter Newell, Director of Studies

  3. Rafael De Lacy says:

    Good evening Mr Newell,

    I am currently in my 2 year Of Law in the National University in Spain. I am very pleased with my results. I have obteined top Marks “ cum laude” during last year. My career is focus to become Judge. However, this is a long jjourney.

    I will be delighted to keep in touch with you and share my studies.

    With warm regards, Rafael De Lacy

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